hydro seed

What is it?
Hydro-seed is mixed slurry of quality grass seed, fertilizer, tackifier (helps with seed and soil contact and erosion), fabric mulch, pre-emergent crabgrass control and hydro-gel (helpS with water retention to keep the seed moist). All of this is mixed with water sprayed on to the soil with state-of-the-art equipment,

There are many reasons hydro-seed is better then dry grass seed; uniform coverage: with dry seed it is difficult to be positive the entire seeded area has been seeded at the desired rate, erosion: the hydro-seed mixture will help prevent soil runoff, water holding capacity: the mixture is designed to help keep the top inch of soil moist, seed soil contact: is crucial for good germination, the mixture will help keep the seed in place and will hold it to the soil to ensure good contact.

How to make it grow?
The top inch or two of the soil should be fairly loose and fluffy when the seed is applied. After the seed is applied it should be watered enough to keep the top inch of soil moist as often as possible. It should not be over watered to the point of runoff. This requires watering the seed lightly more then once a day.

After Germination?
When the seed begins to germinate and there is an even cover of seedlings over the entire area it is safe to start increasing the watering time & decreasing frequently. Fertilizer: At this time you should fertilize the area with a well-balanced starter fertilizer. You should slowly work towards watering the area only once a day and then even to once every other day. You should plan to fertilize the area every 3 weeks until the lawn becomes established (usually 6 to 8 weeks).